We produce LIVE systems that add meaning to human life.

Who We Are

Company Name:

Krizma Computer Software Systems Industry Trade Limited Company

Tax Office and Number:

Doğanbey V.D. 590 050 4816

Trade Registry and MERSİS Number:

272306 - 0590050481600019

Supervisory Authority:

SMMM, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, TSE, ATO, MS Certificate, Beam A.Ş.

The meaning of "Krizma" in Agriculture:

"Krizma" is not just a wild land / plant cleaning. The land for planting and maintenance of all appropriate means to bring the case to farming. Reducing the slope in the region, drilling, enrichment of the soil is also within the scope of "Krizma".


Fine projects that go beyond digitizing existing solutions of problems


Simple, user-friendly and aesthetic, but uncompromising designs


Architectural structures ready to meet the horizontal and vertical expansion needs in modular form


Productive solutions, meaningful results

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A long journey begins with a single step.


Leadership is a powerful combination of strategy and character. But if you have to give up one, this strategy should be.

Norman Schwarzkopf (Retired) General, USA

The most faint ink is more permanent than the best memory

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